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So you've finished reading all of the 2003, 2004 and 2005 stories, and you don't know what to do with yourself?

Here's more Smallville and Stargate: Atlantis Holiday-oriented fiction. Note that there are no pairing warnings, or recs--

these are just all the SV and SGA fiction that was found having to do with the holidays or written for a holiday oriented challenge.


You figure out if any particular story is your thing. :)


If we're missing something here, please e-mail with the title and the web address.


Stargate: Atlantis - [info]sga_santa




A Christmas Tale, Version 2.0 by Zahra

A Deep and Dark December, by HYPERfocused

After All by Jade
A Kiss Under the Mistletoe Just Happens by jessica

All I Want for Christmas is Clark by Ingrid M.

A Luthor Christmas by MitchPell

A Very Metropolis Christmas by Wendi

By the Chimney With Care by HYPERFocused

Carolin' by Ilexa

Christmas Bells by Jenn

Christmas Eve in the Castle and the sequel: Resolution from Annie

Closer to Breathing  by Jenn

Coatroom by Caroline Baker

Coming To Town by Ingrid M.
Countdown to Christmas by Fromward

Doff We Now Our Gay Apparel by Hope

Donít Cry by Xoverau

Edges of White by NiteLite

Excelsior: Holiday by Lexalot

Exchange by Boniblithe

Holidays Alone by Penemuel

Holiday Spirit by acampbell

Home For Christmas by Titti

Ice by Merryish

Invitation by Edie

It Came Just the Same by Lanning (part of Identical series)

Kryptonite Red, Kryptonite Green by Mereridkat
Low Men In Yellow Coats by Zahra

Merry Little Christmas by Jenn

Merry, Merry Christmas Baby by Amanda

Mistletoe by Kat Reitz and Tzigane

Monopoly Logic by Zahra

My Perverted Servants' Christmas Holidays by Mobiusklein

Naughty and Nice by Caro
One Day Sale by EscapeToCity
On the Eighth of December by alee

On This Winter Night by Jainie G.

Operation: Humbug by Mitch

Santaville by Amy and Karen
Secret Santa, or, Thank You Arthur Porges by Teaphile

Snow Angels (Part of the Games series) by Orithain and Rina

Snow Day by Basingstoke

Snowlight That Falls by Andariel
Snow Fight by Edie
Snow, Poets, Rum, and Love by mako

Sons and Lovers by Arysteia

Tannenbaum by Rabbit

The Gingerbread Party by Meret
The Lionel in Winter by Ciel
The Slash Advent Calendar 2002
The Slash Advent Calendar 2003
The Slash Advent Calendar 2004
The Sound of Icicles Falling by Thamiris
The Sink That Ate Christmas by Rose Emily (Omiaiverse)
Tradition by soo

Traditions by Wavelength
Trumpets and Truck Horns by Cleo

Ungay Hide-Away by Flow Di


Lex, I was kidding when I said I wanted a kryptonite dildo! Kidding!

 Lex doesn't get what he wanted most for Christmas.


(Clark said he was too tired to give him a blow-job. Lex said, buh? You're a superpowered *alien*. Clark rebutted, Hi, I save the world a lot. There were a lot of reindeer around today. It got nippy.  I can take some time off. Lex told him that there's people like the Flash out there that would *make* time, and *save* some energy. But Clark was snoozing away at this point. And Lex covered him up with a blanket and went home.) Aww.



But Santa, I've been so good this year. Come on. A *little* voyeurism never hurt anyone...