Thanks to all the wonderful participants--36 pieces this year; and with one or two exceptions, we kept to posting one a day for 25 straight days! That's amazing, and I'm so pleased you all seemed to enjoy yourselves. Thanks to all the people who commented on these fantastic pieces on LJ or privately--you helped make this such a fun experience!

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2004 Fiction and Manips

December 1-5 Five Days of Fun Characterizations


1 Obsessive/Possessive Lex: A Warlike Prince by Nifra Idril

2 Obsessive Possessive Clark: Guardian of Night by Lyra Sena

3 Super!Smart Lex: the kansas sparkle in your smile by SA

4 Slutty!Clark: Look at Me by Kate Andrews

5 Slutty!Lex: Never Enough by Edie


December 6-10 Favorite Story Themes


6 Alternate Universe Story (Clark/Lex* or Clark/Chloe): We're Straight. No, Really! by CJ Andre

6 Alternate Universe Story (Clark/Lex* or Clark/Chloe): Kodachrome: Holiday Snapshots by HYPERFocused

7 Future Fic Story (Lex/Chloe* or Lex/Lucas): Crafted by Design by Caro

8 College Fic Story (Clark/Lex of Lex/Lois or Chloe/Lana*): How to Fuck Up College 101 by Lunarwolfik

9 Future Fic Story (Clark/Lex* or Clark/Lois): The Season Bright by Chasethecat

9 Future Fic Manip (Clark/Lex* or Clark/Lois): Return to Sender by Slodwick

10 First Time Story (Clark/Lex* or Lex/Chloe): In the Telling by Stone Princess


December 11-12 Kink Weekend


11 BDSM Story, bonus points for semi non-con: She Gets What She Wants by Quincykat

12 Toy Play Story, bonus points for threesome or crossdressing: The Toybox by Joanne C.


December 13-19 Cliché Week


13 They woke up married/had to get married (to escape prosecution, deportation, etc.): Red Tape by Lenore

13 They woke up married/had to get married (to escape prosecution, deportation, etc.) Manip: Las Vegas by Nightchik

14 Alien! Clark Hey, did you remember Clark's an alien?: Learning to Love Your Superpowers by Violetsmiles

15 Two People. One hotel room. One bed.: Strange Bedfellows by Rose Emily

16 Amnesia: To the Batmobile! by Tamalinn

17 Forced to have sex! (to save the world, placate bad guys, etc.): Favors by Carson Leigh

17 Forced to have sex! (to save the world, placate bad guys, etc.): Love Games by Madelyn

18 Hooker Fic: Brand New Name by Raijahn

18 Hooker Manip: Standing There by Lapetite Kiki

19 Under the Influence (drugs, alcohol, etc.): Voices by Digitalwave


December 20-25 Mystery Schmoop Week


20 Story: Dona Nobis Pacem by Bone

20 Manip: Wee Clark and Lex by Jadedsilver

21 Story: Love Makes by Philtre

21 Manip: Clex Santa by Amandajane

22 Story: Common Scents by Burnt Smore

22 Manip: Smooop by Digitalwave

23 Story: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Henry Jones Jr.

23 Manip: Mistletoe by Signe

24 Story: The Twelve Smallville Days of Christmas by Yavannauk

24 Manip: Happy Holidays by Lapetite Kiki

25 Story: Slumber by Signe

25 Story: Admitting Impediments by Emelerin